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Screen Repair

Cracked screen ruining your day? Is your device not responding to you like it used to? Did your phone go dark with no notice? Let us quickly change out that screen and LCD using the highest quality parts available. You’ll be back up and running like new in almost no time.

Battery Repair

Did you charge your device all night only to have it die before lunch? Did your phone turn off and then never turn back on? Is your device taking too long to charge? Did you know most batteries are rated to be charged 700 times? After two years (or heavy usage) you may need a new battery. We can quickly install a new battery for you so you never miss a call, text or photo opportunity!

Water Damage Repair

Did your device take a long walk off of a short pier? Were you singing in the rain? Maybe your device really needed that refreshing drink? First things first, turn off the device and please don't charge it! There could still be liquid or moisture inside of your device. The quicker we can get it apart and dried out in our water damage machine the better the chance there will be no damage to your device.

Simple Data Recovery

Is your phone holding your data hostage and didn't send a ransom note? Maybe you upgraded your phone and were not able to transfer data. Did you forget to back up your device and now your family photos are nowhere to be found? Let us work our magic getting everything off your device and into a safe place where you’ll be able to access those cherished memories.

Hard Data Recovery

Phone completely bricked? Our expert EMTs can take care of services ranging from simple data recovery to next hacker level to ensure you're never separated from your most precious photos, numbers, and emails.

On Demand Repair

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